Bearsville Theater: Woodstock Rock Art and Poster Show fuses music, art, photography

The manner in which music inspires photographers and artists will be showcased this weekend at the inaugural Woodstock Rock Art and Poster Show.

Set for Bearsville Center in Woodstock, the Woodstock Rock Art and Poster Show will feature the works of numerous artists and photographers, including Mike DuBois, who is producing the event with Bearsville Theater owner Lizzie Vann. Support for the gathering is coming from Martin Mills of Illuminated Leaf, and Kenny Schneidman of the Arrowhead Ranch & Retreat.

“Rock poster art is an internationally-recognized art form with many talented artists spanning decades-long careers from graphic design to commissioned works, garnering attention in fine art galleries and auctions,” reads an announcement for the event.

Click here and here for information.

From posters announcing shows to merchandise emblazoned with artwork, the relationship that binds musicians, artists and photographers together offers fans multiple opportunities to indulge their passion for the creative spirit.

From the explosion of music-related art and photography that inspired San Francisco in the 1960s, to the Woodstock festival of 1969 and modern-day social media posts that announce gigs and capture the excitement for those who couldn’t attend, art and photography are as important to live music as guitars and amplifiers.

Presented under the moniker of WRAPS, this weekend’s extravaganza will also feature multi-media productions, discussions, seminars, workshops and live music. The music will include Stella Blue’s Band on Friday; Soule Monde, featuring Trey Anastasio Band members Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski on Saturday; and the Woodstock-based Misty Mountain Ramblers on Sunday.

Artwork by Mike DuBois

The music will unfold in the lounge of the Bearsville Theater, while the Woodstock Rock Art and Poster Show will be staged in the theater, as well as the Utopia Soundstage, next door in the Bearsville Center complex.

The setting for WRAPS is most appropriate, as the Bearsville Theater and the complex it occupies was the brainchild of Albert Grossman, the late Woodstock music impresario who managed Bob Dylan, The Band, Janis Joplin and other notable acts. Todd Rundgren for years utilized Utopia as his musical epicenter and the theater continues to host live music, with Ani DiFranco set to perform there on Aug. 2.

And WRAPS represents yet another example of the way in which DuBois and Vann work together to celebrate the rich musical and artistic legacy that defines Woodstock in so many ways.

DuBois, a longtime Woodstock resident and artist who has worked with the Grateful Dead, Levon Helm and Allman Brothers Band, created interior artwork at the Bearsville Theater that pays tribute to the musicians who helped to create Woodstock’s artistic legacy. And DuBois recently relocated his store, Happylife Productions, into the old Tinker Street Café building in downtown Woodstock, which Vann recently purchased.

In addition to DuBois, the exhibitors at the Woodstock Rock Art and Poster Show include:

Colette Aimee

Lindsey Kuhn

Mark Larson

Craig McCord

Johnny Thief

Kenny Schneidman

Mark Goff

David Byrd

JT Lucchesi

Marq Spusta Studio

Matthew Rick

Jeff Wood

Mikio Kennedy

Phil Brown

Brian Woodruff

Jim Rice

Nadina Simon

William Giese

Vernon Webb

Mike King

Helen Kennedy 

John Warner

Jay Blakesberg Studio

Una Toibin

Glen Trosch • Psychedelic Art Exchange

Phil Kutno Studios

Ray McDermott • Good Thoughts Printing

Courtenay Pollock

The Bahr Gallery

Shara Osgood

Erin Cadigan

Kory McGeehan

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