G.E. Smith, Bad Company’s Simon Kirke to play Daryl’s House

G.E. Smith

There will be a lot of rock and roll history on the stage at Daryl Hall’s club in Pawling, New York, on Friday.

Taking centerstage at Daryl’s House will be guitarist G.E. Smith, who has performed with Bob Dylan, Hall and Oates and Roger Waters, and served as band leader for “Saturday Night Live” across 10 years; and drummer Simon Kirke, whose musical legacy includes the bands Free and Bad Company. Free is well-known for the hit “All Right Now” and Bad Company is well-known for such epic songs as “Can’t Get Enough,” “Shooting Star,” “Feel Like Makin’ Love” and the tune, “Bad Company.”

“I have been fortunate enough to have worked in two of the great bands of rock and roll,” Kirke said. 

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Kirke has also recorded with Gov’t Mule, Jim Capaldi and Ron Wood; and toured with Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Keith Richards and Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band.

Simone Kirke

Hall, whose band Hall and Oates has generated many of modern music’s most timeless hits, opened Daryl’s House in Pawling in 2014. Hall and Oates christened the music venue and restaurant with an epic evening of music, and the destination since then has hosted many notable musical names, including Garry Tallent of the E Street Band.

On Friday, April 15, Smith and Kirke will play a trio show anchored by bass player Lincoln Schleifer, who has performed with Warren Haynes of Gov’t Mule fame, among others.

“G.E. is a consummate guitarist, one of the best,” Kirke said. “We’ve been playing together, on-and-off, for about 20 years. We are very much looking forward to playing at Daryl’s House.”

This show will serve as something of a homecoming for Smith, as his first big break in the music industry came in 1979, when he teamed up with Hall and Oates. He would go on to perform with them for six years.

“I was really lucky to meet Daryl and John in the summer of 1979,” Smith said. “I had been living in New York City for about a year at that point, playing whatever kind of gig I could pick up. A drummer named Eddie Zyne, who had worked with Hall and Oates, told me that they were recording a new record and were looking for a guitar player.”

Zyne arranged an introduction and Smith headed over to Hall’s apartment in the West Village.

“We started to talk and discovered that me, him and John were all Pennsylvania guys and had grown up listening to pretty much the same kinds of music—the rock stuff of course, but also a deep study of Motown and the soul music coming out of New York, Memphis, Detroit and Philadelphia.”

The next night, Smith was in the recording studio with Daryl and John and their partnership was under way. For the next six years, it was, annually, two-and-a-half-months set aside for recording in New York City, then eight or nine months touring the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia.

“I was in heaven,” Smith said.

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  1. You mention Garry Tallent but you left out the part about him laying on the floor! lol

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