Daryl’s House: Daryl Hall reopens music venue and restaurant

Daryl’s House in New York’s Hudson Valley, the music venue and restaurant operated by Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates, is set to reopen March 13 after the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to shut down last summer.

“Hey everybody, first we hope everyone is safe & well in these trying times,” Hall said in a message on the Daryl’s House Facebook page.

Hall’s message announces that Daryl’s House, which closed temporarily in late August because of the economic fallout of the pandemic, will open March 13.

“Along with the opening of restaurant, we will have some live music to accompany dinner, as well,” Hall’s announcement reads. “We’re really looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for all of your loyal support during the past year.”

In addition to the live music, Daryl’s House is continuing to livestream performances from its Pawling location, as it has done through the ups-and-downs of the past year.

Located on Route 22 near the New York-Connecticut border, Daryl’s House opened with a roar on Halloween night 2014 with a performance by Hall and Oates. The venue has built momentum since then and in April 2018 hosted a private gig for radio contest winners that brought Hall and Oates back to Daryl’s House, joined by Pat Monahan of Train.

That performance came in the midst of the release of a new song from both bands, “Philly Forget Me Not;” and in advance of a tour that featured Hall and Oates with Train as the opening act. Daryl’s House is also where Hall films his popular television program, “Live From Daryl’s House.”

With an enduring longevity and string of hits that include “Maneater,” “Private Eyes” and “Kiss On My List,” Hall and Oates are entrenched in the bedrock of rock and roll music. According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, into which the duo was inducted in 2014, the Recording Industry Association of America in 1984 declared Hall and Oates to be the most successful duo in rock history.

“Hall and Oates combined rock, soul and pop to make music that was at times infectious, at times poignant, and nearly always wildly popular,” reads rockhall.com. “United by Philadelphia’s burgeoning music scene, Hall and Oates struck up a friendship and collaboration whose success and longevity few can touch.”

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