Bethel Woods livestream: Restless Age takes on our restless days

The Restless Age, from left, Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison and Will Bryant

Nearly a year into a global pandemic, with the economy in a tailspin and uncertainty consuming just about everything we do, there is little rest to be had, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

To say we are the restless living in a restless age would pretty much sum things up and hit the nail on the head, as they say.

So how fitting will it be that the Hudson Valley, New York-based band the Restless Age will take to the stage Thursday evening for a livestream performance from a plot of land that in August 1969 rallied the restless, struggling through their own restless days.

Keyboard player Will Bryant, drummer Lee Falco and bass player Brandon Morrison are the Restless Age and they will deliver a virtual performance Thursday night from Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, on the site of the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Sullivan County, New York. The performance will take place in the Bethel Woods Event Gallery. Admission is free but registration is required. Click here for information.

The Event Gallery at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, on the 1969 Woodstock festival site in Sullivan County, New York. Photo courtesy of Bethel Woods

This gig comes as the live music industry continues to unravel nearly a year after Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings closed venues, including Bethel Woods. But this show also illustrates how the music business continues to pivot and maintain its audience as the uncertainty surrounding live concerts with audiences grows.

“We’re really looking forward to playing back at Bethel,” said Falco, who along with his band mates base the Restless Age out of Marlboro, New York, not far from the Town of Woodstock, where plans for the 1969 festival were hatched. “It’s such a beautiful facility and built on sacred ground. We played there at Mountain Jam in 2019, which was a great time. It looks like they’ve got a really nice streaming setup ready to go and we’re excited to be able to play our music for people in these strange times.”

Anyone who tunes in to this livestream can check out a band that has performed with some of the biggest names in rock music, including Donald Fagen of Steely Dan and Kate Pierson of the B-52’s. The Restless Age on its website bills itself as “a collaboration — a harmony of Will Bryant, Lee Falco and Brandon Morrison. Each player brings a unique song and voice to the bandstand, as the trio spans generations and genres.”

The Restless Age also offers a stoking of musical coals, ignition, liftoff, explosion and resolution. There are chrome-polished harmonies. There is attention to detail. But there is also a grand, sweeping, full-steam-ahead visionary charge, framed by music and lyrics, that shakes the foundation, rocks the rafters, raises the roof and clobbers you in the head. But fear not, as these three music makers take great care to place you back, gently, exactly where they found you.

In the midst of these strange days, these times baked in turmoil, this year of pandemic fog, triumph awaits, over confusion, with clarity that can only come with the Restless Age.

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